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Пресс-релизы | 28.04.2015 Liebherr Tower Cranes for Poland's Highest Building

  • Ambitious project in Poland's capital Warsaw
  • Liebherr's Technical Department provides support for the project
  • Two cranes will remain on the main tower until the final completion date

A total of five Liebherr tower cranes will be used in Warsaw for the construction of the Warsaw Spire, which will soon become the highest office complex in the country. Two 280 EC-H cranes will climb upwards in stages as the work progresses and will reach final hook heights of over 220 m.

The Warsaw Spire project which is currently taking shape is a group of buildings with three towers of different heights, a striking glass façade and an oval shape. The main tower will measure 220m in height on completion and will have two structures of 55m in height around it. That will make the office complex the highest building in Poland when it is finished. Its total floor space is almost 100,000m².

Crane operator TRINAC Polska Sp. z o.o. is using a total of five Liebherr tower cranes for this ambitious project. In addition to a 112 EC-H, a 180 EC-H and a 256 HC, there are also two 280 EC-H tower cranes with a maximum lifting capacity of 12 and 16 tonnes. The two tallest cranes on the project will remain on the main tower until it has been completed. Mounted on a 500 HC tower system, the two tower cranes are each anchored to the building with four guying systems. These will enable the 280 EC-H cranes to climb upwards as the towers progress until they reach their final hook heights of over 220m.

"Our hire partner TRINAC Polska Sp. z o.o. became involved in this project mainly due to its experience in similar construction projects, but also due to its extensive range of Liebherr tower cranes", says Rüdiger Boeck, Market Manager Eastern Europe at Liebherr-Werk Biberach GmbH. "Liebherr's Technical Department is also providing the hire company with support during the project. That is important for large projects like the Warsaw Spire where the requirements may change suddenly. Liebherr has made all its expertise available for this purpose."


Hans-Martin Frech


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