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Новости | 31.03.2015 Complex combination hoist with Liebherr mobile and crawler cranes

The container bridge on the River Rhine near Dormagen which suffered damage in storms in June 2014 has been repaired. Heavy load logistics contractor Wasel repositioned the portal crane, which measures over 100 metres in length. The demanding job took a total of two days. Five Liebherr cranes were used for the job.

Wasel based in Bergheim took charge of the reinstallation of the 109-metre long and 21-metre wide container crane using two Liebherr crawler cranes and three LTM mobile cranes. The two LR 1600/2 crawler cranes were positioned on the actual bank of the Rhine in a six-metre deep preflooder basin. Meanwhile on land an LTM 1750-9.1 and an LTM 1500-8.1 took charge of the hoisting work whilst an LTM 1220-5.2 was used for erection purposes.

Initially the projecting portal crane track was manoeuvred between the cranes using two SPMT self-propelling vehicles and auxiliary rail systems. The four Liebherr cranes then raised the 560-tonne structure in a four-way hoist and held the imposing load at a height of around 25 metres. During this process the installation teams installed the new supports and tracks to the portal crane with the 220-tonner. Finally the 35-metre high container bridge was reset on its tracks.