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Пресс-релизы | 06.03.2015 Intermat 2015: A silver medal for the Liebherr Demolition Control System LDC

  • A new and unique Liebherr system
  • The operator knows at any time the position of the demolition attachment
  • More productivity, more safety and stability

The system “Liebherr demolition control” won the innovation silver award at the Pré Intermat 2015 in Paris. The LDC, for Liebherr Demolition Control, is a new unique Liebherr system. It allows at any time to give to the operator the position of the demolition attachment and to guarantee the stability of the demolition excavator.

By means of angle sensors mounted on the excavator and with an automatic recognition of the attachment lengths, the system informs permanently about the position of the attachment. Knowing the weight of the tool, the excavator can operate in complete safety in its working area. The solution is integrated into the electronics of the excavator.

The idea was to propose an automatic recognition of the attachment lengths, to install angle sensors to know the position of the equipment and to integrate into the display of the excavator the tools types with their weight. To optimize the performances of the excavator, an extended reach with limitation of rotation has also been developed.

The extended reach allows the customer to reach additional working area, which gives him productivity gain on his jobsite. This new LDC eliminates a possible human error, which could affect the stability of the machine. A tactile color display enables to visualize the animation of the position of the attachment in real time and to inform the driver of the authorized movements.

The increase of the working zone, allowed by the extended reach, gives the possibility to realize demolition works with machines of smaller size, which reduced consumptions during work and during transport of the machine. Liebherr-France SAS is the only manufacturer of demolition excavator who propose such a security system.


Catherine  Pierrat

Liebherr-France SAS

2 avenue Joseph Rey

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