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Новости | 11.02.2015 Liebherr mobile harbour crane quartet for Katoen Natie

In January 2015, both family-owned companies Katoen Natie und Liebherr celebrated the handover of two Liebherr mobile harbour cranes LHM 600 in a festive ceremony on Antwerp’s Left Bank. They were ordered by Katoen Natie in 2014. The LHM 600 model is the strongest mobile harbour crane available in the market and provides a maximum lifting capacity of 208 tonnes and an outreach of up to 58 metres. In terms of tandem lifts, innovative technology from Liebherr plays a major role. Thanks to the installation of Sycratronic, one crane operator can safely handle heavy loads of up to 416 tonnes in tandem operation.

Katoen Natie has also invested in an LHM 550, which started operation in summer 2014. The crane is equipped with the unique Pactronic hybrid power booster.

In addition to their major investment in Belgium, Katoen Natie has opted for another Liebherr mobile harbour crane, type LHM 420, for their facilities in Radicatel at the northern coast of France. Delivered in 2014, the new all-purpose crane will be used for general cargo operation, container and bulk handling. Katoen Natie’s very positive experience with an existing LHM 250 in Radicatel was a main reason why the logistics company opted for another LHM. This delivery underlines the positive trend of demand for Liebherr mobile harbour cranes in France.