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Новости | 05.02.2015 Successful First Flight of Embraer KC-390 with Liebherr-Aerospace Systems on Board

The Embraer military transport aircraft KC-390 made its first flight on February 3rd, 2015 at Gavião Peixoto (Brazil) with Liebherr-Aerospace systems and components on board.

The air conditioning system, the cabin pressure control system, engine bleed system components, wing anti-ice system components and the integrated air management system controller were developed and manufactured by Liebherr-Aerospace Toulouse SAS.

During the project, Liebherr-Aerospace benefited from previous experiences in military transport aircraft programs, optimizing the mission efficiency, the robustness, the operating costs and the reliability of its systems for the KC-390.

Thus, the company developed a next generation air conditioning and cabin pressure control system. Even under the aircraft‘s extreme operating conditions, both systems provide enhanced safety and comfort conditions for both troops and crew. Additionally, the latest generation bleed valves feature an advanced compact electro-pneumatic bleed technology.

Through its tailored customer services, Liebherr-Aerospace will provide support for its components and systems for the KC-390 and their customers, i.e. the Brazilian Air Force and other air forces, for the whole product life cycle.