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Новости | 30.01.2015 IRIS, ISO and OHSAS certifications for Liebherr-Transportation Systems Marica EOOD

Having undergone auditing by the German Society for Management Systems Certification, DQS GmbH according to IRIS specifications, Liebherr-Transportation Systems Marica EOOD (Bulgaria) has been successfully certified. The auditors were entirely satisfied with the ongoing improvements contributing to the overall outcome of the audit.

At the same time the facility in located in Marica, close to Radinovo, was also certified according to the standards ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 by Quality Austria - Training, Certification and Evaluation GmbH,Vienna, (Austria). The new certificates are valid until October 2017.

All production sites of Liebherr Transportation Systems have quality management systems, environmental and occupational health as well as safety management systems.