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Пресс-релизы | 22.01.2015 The new Liebherr LiUP crane driver elevator for tower cranes

  • Flexible internal and external attachment to the crane tower possible
  • Minimum erection work due to perfectly coordinated components
  • Maximum safety using Safety PLC

Liebherr to unveil the newly developed Liebherr LiUP crane driver elevator to the world at the Intermat 2015. It is perfectly coordinated to Liebherr tower systems and can also be attached to older tower systems. One-off installation of the elevator rails to the tower section is required and they can then be left on the section for use.

The rails for the Liebherr crane driver elevator are coordinated to the lengths of Liebherr tower sections and require one-off installation. Existing tower sections can be retrofitted with the rails. New tower systems can be ordered from the factory with or without rails.

The rails do not have to be removed for erecting and dismantling the tower crane if they are installed internally. They remain in the tower section with the crane driver elevator during use and transport. The Liebherr crane driver elevator does not require any supply cables, ropes or drag cables. This ensures that it can be installed and removed quickly and safely.

The new Liebherr LiUP crane driver elevator is integrated in the tower on large tower cranes. It is installed externally on smaller tower cranes. The elevator is mounted on the exterior of the tower on Liebherr tower systems LC, 120 HC, 140 HC, 170 HC, 256 IC and 355 IC. It is integrated on the inside of the tower section on tower systems 185 HC, 256 HC, 355 HC, 500 HC and 1000 HC.

The crane driver elevator from Liebherr is designed to transport two people or a payload of 200 kg. Crane drivers can enter and exit it safely using the tower platforms. If required for a crane driver rescue, the LiUP can also be operated autarchically. In other words it can be operated independently of the tower crane's power supply. A safety PLC (programmable logic controller) monitors the crane driver elevator.

The LiUP is supplied with power from a lithium ion battery with an energy recovery system. At the foot of the tower there is a docking station for the battery installed on the underside of the elevator. When the elevator moves upwards the power from the battery is used. When it moves downwards the energy is recovered and the battery recharges itself. The driver can move the elevator upwards from the driver's cab using a remote control.


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