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Пресс-релизы | 15.12.2014 Combining comfort and economy: Liebherr exhibits its wheel loaders L 550 and L 580 at bC India 2014

  • Liebherr exhibits two robust wheel loaders for the Indian market at bC India
  • Smooth driveline and modern cabin increase comfort for machine operators
  • Less fuel consumption and wear due to Liebherr hydrostatic driveline

At bC India 2014, the International Trade Fair for Construction Machinery, Building Material Machines, Mining Machines and Construction Vehicles, Liebherr exhibits two examples of its expanding wheel loader product range for the Indian market: The comfortable and economic wheel loaders L 550 and L 580, which are specially tailored for the particular needs of Indian customers.

The Liebherr wheel loader L 550 on display is powered by a 147 kW / 200 HP diesel engine. Equipped with a 3.0 m³ excavation bucket with bolt-on teeth, the machine achieves a tipping load of 11,500 kg at an operating weight of 16,500 kg. The larger wheel loader L 580 has a 209 kW / 284 HP diesel engine. Its excavation bucket with bolt-on teeth offers a capacity of 5.0 m³. At an operating weight of 24,720 kg, the tipping load amounts to 18,000 kg.

Based on decades of experience in producing and developing wheel loaders, Liebherr manufactures wheel loaders for the Indian market in Dalian, P. R. China, in close cooperation with the wheel loader competence centre in Bischofshofen, Austria. Liebherr’s wheel loaders for the Indian market are robust machines. Designed according to the company’s high quality standards, Liebherr machines operate reliably – even in the toughest conditions.

Comfort at work with Liebherr: Smooth driveline and modern cabin

Customers benefit from Liebherr’s smooth driveline, as well as from its excellent manoeuvrability. For these purposes, Liebherr manufactures the majority of its components itself, ensuring the best possible match between components. This allows Liebherr wheel loaders to accelerate smoothly in all speed ranges – with no discernible gear shifts and no interruptions to tractive force. This comfortable way of operating facilitates everyday work and construction firms can deploy their wheel loaders in an efficient way, increasing productivity and ultimately profitability.

The modern cabin creates a working atmosphere which further enhances the working comfort. The driver can manage all working and travel movements precisely by using the Liebherr joystick. As a result, one hand always remains on the steering wheel. This is not only comfortable – it also increases safety on the job site. The same holds true for the advanced design of the cabin: With its compact dimensions and its large windows, it provides the driver with clear all-round visibility in all directions and a good overview of the job site.

Liebherr realises unique economy with its hydrostatic driveline

Businesses and private customers actively save money by working with Liebherr wheel loaders. Due to the hydrostatic driveline with Liebherr Power Efficiency, Liebherr wheel loaders, such as the L 550 and the L 580 displayed at bC India, consume up to 25 per cent less fuel than similar models from other manufacturers. In addition, owing to the hydraulic braking action of the driveline, there is virtually no brake wear. Continuous traction control reduces tyre wear and thus running expenses. As a result, Liebherr machines use resources more efficient than other conventional wheel loaders – their economy is unique.

However, Liebherr wheel loaders are not only easy on the purse. Reduced brake and tyre wear lead to a more sustainable use of resources. Reduced fuel consumption means lower emissions; all machines comply with the emission regulations required in India. Liebherr contributes to protecting the environment by continuously developing innovative technology: The Liebherr driveline concept even reduces noise emissions considerably.


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