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Новости | 28.11.2014 Spectacular lift of an RL-K 7500

Four Liebherr cranes lifting new RL-K 7500 subsea crane onto transportation device.

The test bed of Liebherr in Rostock has recently been scene of the remarkable lift of the new RL-K 7500 – the largest subsea crane that has been developed and built by Liebherr.

The lift from the test stand to a maritime transporter was part of a complex loading process and was carried out by four Liebherr cranes, i.e. two mobile harbour cranes, type LHM 600, and two mobile cranes, type LG 1750, with lattice boom. Such a special lift, involving four cranes, was executed for the first time on the Rostock test stand and required long-term planning as well as accurate and precise preparation. The assembly of the two mobile cranes alone took two entire days. The actual lifting process for the 25-metre distance from the test stand to the specially built maritime transporter required 90 minutes.

One of the RL-K 7500's special features is the knuckle boom which allows to lift loads weighing up to 300 tonnes and to work at depths of maximum 3600 metres under water.