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Новости | 12.11.2014 Liebherr apprentice is German champion in welding

For the German qualifying round of the 43rd “WorldSkills 2015” championships in Rostock, six apprentices demonstrated their welding skills. In addition to various materials such as high alloy steel, construction steel and aluminium, the task was to weld a steel tank that had to withstand a pressure test of up to 65 bar on completion. Marven Vöge, apprentice at the Liebherr Academy in Rostock, achieved first place in the competition and was crowned "German champion in welding. He impressed the expert panel by performing very well against the clock, and will be among 1,000 participants from about 50 career sectors who are taking part in the international “WorldSkills 2015” competition in São Paulo (Brazil) in the summer of 2015. Second place was awarded to Thorben Richter, also an apprentice from the Liebherr Academy, and third place went to the apprentice Marat Feisrachmanow from EuroMaint Rail GmbH.