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Новости | 23.09.2014 Liebherr at the WindEnergy Hamburg 2014 trade fair

At the on- and offshore trade fair WindEnergy Hamburg 2014 at stand 224 in hall A1, Liebherr is presenting a selection of crane models, among other things, for erecting wind farms. These include models of a LTM 11200-9.1 mobile crane and a type 630 EC-H 70 Litronic top-slewing crane, both shown against a model of a wind turbine. The LTM 11200-9.1 is the most powerful mobile telescopic crane on the market and, with its 100 m long telescopic arms and various lattice jibs, is configured optimally for the demands of wind turbine erection. The 630 EC-H 70 Litronic is a special tower crane that is distinguished by a load bearing capacity of up to 70 tonnes and a lift height of 151 m. Without exception, all cranes from Liebherr feature swivel systems made up of large diameter bearings and drive units developed and produced in-house.

For the wind industry, Liebherr offers not only electromechanical pitch adjustment with gear mechanism in the area of rotor blade and yaw adjustment but also hydraulic pitch adjustment in conjunction with the corresponding blade bearings as a system. At the WindEnergy Hamburg 2014 trade fair, this can be seen on a rotor hub model that visitors can walk on. In addition, Liebherr is presenting DAT 400 and DAT 450 slewing drives with a further developed design in the area of components. With the modular concept, weight saving benefits and potential for saving costs can be realised while maintaining the same level of performance.