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Пресс-релизы | 17.09.2014 Liebherr A 910 Compact wheeled excavator at the 2014 GaLaBau trade fair

  • Powerful machine with compact dimensions
  • Largest cab in its class, which provides more space and comfort
  • Convenient and fast access to all service positions

With the A 910 Compact, Liebherr is presenting a model from the series of compact wheeled excavators at the 2014 GaLaBau trade fair. As was the case with the two larger models, the A 914 Compact and A 918 Compact, the 11.5 tonne machine has successfully established itself on the market since its launch at the 2013 Bauma trade fair.

Compact dimensions, powerful driveline

With a tail-end swing radius of only 1,600 millimetres, the A 910 Compact is ideal for market gardening and landscaping work and for operation in town centres, but its powerful engine and robust construction also give this new wheeled excavator ample performance reserves to tackle classic earthmoving tasks effortlessly as well.

The 75 kW (102 hp) Deutz diesel engine in the A 910 Compact complies with IIIB exhaust emission limits without needing a diesel particulate filter. The oxidating catalytic converter, which needs no routine maintenance, reduces emissions and keeps operating costs low. A particulate filter is also available from Liebherr as an optional extra.

Convincing features of this driveline are its highly efficient use of fuel, its long operating life and its high torque. The engine’s maximum power output is reached at a low engine speed, with the result that component loads are kept low despite the engine’s high performance.

Wide range of equipment options

Standard equipment on the A 910 Compact are a luffing boom with pivot joint and a 1.85 m long dipper stick. Available as an optional extra, the LIKUFIX fully automatic quick-change system enables mechanical and hydraulic attachments to be changed in a matter of seconds, working from the excavator’s cab. In combination with Liebherr’s successful range of add-on working attachments, for example “Productive” buckets, productivity gains as high as 30 % can be achieved. The “Tool Control” system allows oil pressures and volume data for ten working attachments to be memorised.

Various supports can be specified for the A 910 Compact Litronic, to suit customers’ individual needs. The undercariage can have a single or divided blade or support pads. A support blade at the front is another option that increases the load capacity and operating flexibility of this compact wheeled excavator still further. To make the excavator even more manoeuvrable on sites where space is restricted, all-wheel steering is another optional extra. The three forms of steering – front wheels, all wheels and diagonal movement – can be selected quickly and conveniently at a rotary switch.

On the new A 910 Compact wheeled excavator, the superstructure lock for road travel or when carried on another vehicle is integrated into the slewing gear brake, and no external locking pin is needed. A symbol appears on the display when the correct position for road travel and transport has been selected.

As on all the latest generation of wheeled excavators, a new travel-gear concept has been adopted. It reduces fuel consumption significantly when the machine is being driven, but at the same time improves acceleration, especially on uphill gradients. The complete hydraulic system has also been optimised, for improved control precision and reduced fuel consumption.

Well-equipped cab, straightforward maintenance

The cab on the A 910 Compact Litronic, a new development, is the largest available in this machine category, and provides the driver with ample space and comfort for concentrated work with minimum risk of fatigue. The variable-height Liebherr driver’s seat can be adjusted to suit the driver’s weight and is air sprung, heated and equipped with a head restraint and a lap-type seat belt. The ergonomically correct keypad and the display unit with touch-screen function make it easy for the driver to select the necessary operating functions. Large-area windows ensure excellent visibility and are an important safety feature.

The standard cruise control is a convenient tool for lengthy road journeys. The list of standard safety equipment for the new A 910 Compact is rounded off by a rear-view camera and by pipe failure detection on the lifting, boom luffing and dipper stick rams.

The large engine hood in the A 910 Compact opens along the entire right side of the machine to give quick, convenient access to all servicing points. Daily routine maintenance can therefore be carried out from ground level. To simplify cleaning of the radiator, which is of generous size, the powerful cooling fan is simply swung out forwards. To ensure that the hydraulic fluid can be used for an extended period without contamination by metal particles, there is a magnetic rod in the hydraulic fluid tank to trap them; it can easily be cleaned when necessary.


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