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Пресс-релизы | 10.09.2014 Liebherr wheel loaders at the NordBau 2014

  • Compact Loader: Safety and flexibility at the construction site and in transportation
  • L 550: Industrial lift arm for high load moments and ample force in the upper lifting area
  • L 566: High tipping load at low operating weight

Liebherr is presenting its two compact loaders together with two large wheel loaders at the Nordbau 2014, demonstrating its broad range of machines for construction sites and industrial applications.

At the Nordbau 2014 Liebherr is exhibiting the L 506 Compact Loader with fork carrier and fork. Equipped as standard the machine is weighing in at 5,180kg and achieves a tipping load of 3,450 kg. Fitted with a 4-cylinder diesel engine, the machine delivers 46kW / 63HP.

The L 508 Compact Loader on display is equipped with a 1.0 m³ excavation bucket with bolt-on cutting edge. Weighing in at 5,600kg, the machine achieves a tipping load of 3,850kg as standard. The Compact Loader is driven by a 4-cylinder diesel engine and has an engine output of 50kW / 68HP.

Both compact loader models are exceptionally low in height, at less than 2,500mm. The L 508 Compact Loader is the only compact loader in this performance-category with centre-pivot steering and such a low overall height at the same time. The reduced height automatically lowers its centre of gravity. The result: Its tipping load limit and stability, even on uneven surfaces, are higher.

Thanks to the reduced height und compact design the Compact Loader can easily reach its working location even if access is restricted by tunnels or underpasses. It can also be carried without difficulty on tipper vehicles or in a high-cube container. If moved on a conventional transport vehicle, the maximum height does not exceed four metres.

The operator has an excellent all-round view thanks to the above-average window area and well-positioned rear and side mirrors. The conical-pattern lifting gear improves visibility even further. The operator can react quickly to any situation arising close to the machine. This guarantees maximum possible protection. The well-matched relationship between operating-weight and tipping load is another productivity bonus for these machines. Parallel movement of the working equipment is the key to exceptionally fast and precise work.

Large wheel loaders at the Nordbau 2014: L 550 Industry and L 566

The L 550 Industry wheel loader exhibited at the Nordbau 2014 is equipped with a 6 m³ light material bucket with bolt-on cutting edge. Equipped as standard, the machine is weighing in at 19,000kg and achieves a tipping load of 9,900kg.

In addition to the Z-bar linkage for standard operating tasks, Liebherr supplies industrial lift arm for the L 514 – L 580 wheel loaders at no extra costs.

The geometry of the industrial lift arm has been specially chosen for high load moments and ample force in the upper lifting area. The industrial lift arm has a hydraulic quick coupler as standard equipment. Thanks to the parallel movement over the entire lifting area and the excellent view on all working areas the operator can concentrate fully on the task in hand. The ease of operation enhances both productivity and safety.

With a 4-cylinder diesel engine from Liebherr the L 550 wheel loader has an output of 129kW / 175HP and complies with the stage IIIB / Tier 4i emissions requirements. Precision common-rail fuel injection optimises the combustion process and reduces pollutant emissions. Exhaust emission control is by means of a diesel oxidating catalytic converter combined with a diesel particulate filter. In most situations, this filter can be actively regenerated by burning off deposits during operation of the machine, and the task in hand continued without interruption.

L 566: High tipping load at low operating weight

The L 566 wheel loader presented at the fair is as standard equipped with a 4,00 m³-excavation bucket with teeth and und overflow panel. The machine is driven by a

6-cylinder diesel engine and has an output of 190kW / 259HP. The wheel loader is weighing in at 23,150kg and achieves a tipping load of 15,750kg.

In the wheel loaders L 566 – L 580 of the new generation the diesel engine is mounted lengthways in the rear, with the output shaft facing backwards. The diesel engine acts as counterweight, thus allowing higher tipping loads at low operating weight.


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