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Пресс-релизы | 10.09.2014 The Liebherr R 926 crawler excavator at the 2014 NordBau trade fair

  • Robust and optimised steel construction
  • Maintenance points that are easily accessible from the ground
  • Smooth, fast work thanks to the integrated Liebherr crawler system technology

At the 2014 NordBau trade fair in Neumünster, Germany, Liebherr presents its R 926 crawler excavator. With a service weight of 26 tonnes, the model supersedes the R 926 Classic und R 926 Advanced. Its Liebherr diesel engine is rated at 129kW (175hp) and, like all the engines fitted to the latest model series, complies with the stage IIIB / Tier 4i exhaust emission limits, thanks to efficient exhaust gas purification by means of a particulate filter with active regeneration.

The R 926’s cab provides an extremely comfortable, spacious and safe working environment. Contributing factors are the standard automatic air conditioning, the standard Roll-Over Protection Structure (ROPS), the ergonomically correct arrangement of the controls and intuitive operation of the touch-screen display and the key pad.

The optimised high-strength steel structure of the new excavator is the key to top performance and even longer operating life. The X-shaped design improves stress distribution and engenders a longer service life. The self-cleaning action is reduced and the maintenance is easier due to: the alignment between the upper plate of the central part and the shell of the track carriers, the steps mounted on the vertical side of the track carrier and the wide openings under the support rollers.

The R 926 generates high tearout and breakout forces of 151kN and 192kN respectively according to the ISO standard, and is thus capable of operating productively and efficiently. A net drawbar pull on crawler of 226 kN improves manoeuvrability on rough terrain compared with the previous model.

The R 926 exhibited at the NordBau trade fair is equipped with Liebherr’s Likufix quick-coupling system, which has enjoyed many years of popular success. The extensive range of backhoes, add-on tools and Liebherr’s own patented bucket tooth system enable the crawler excavator’s productivity to be increased even further.

The uppercarriage layout makes maintenance work safer and more efficient. Maintenance points have been brought together and can be reached without effort from ground level through easily operated ‘gull-wing’ doors. This simplifies day-to-day maintenance and minimises the need to climb up on to the superstructure. Visual checks on fluid levels and other items have been optimised; the available information is clearly laid out and easy to understand.

Like all models in the latest crawler excavator model series, the R 926 features integrated Liebherr excavator system technology, for exceptionally smooth and rapid operation. This technology is based on Positive Control hydraulics with a Liebherr electronic control system, and makes optimal use of the available energy for both individual and in unison movements.

An extensive range of attachments has been developed to satisfy constantly growing construction sites needs. It includes for example as standard features the standard LiDAT data transmission system for efficient machine fleet management and, for optimal working safety, a rear-view camera integrated into the counterweight.

The R 924 exhibited at the 2012 ‘Intermat’ is equipped with a 4-metre long two piece boom, a 2.7m stick and an LC undercarriage with 600mm wide track pads. It also features the Liebherr Likufix quick-change attachment system.


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