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Пресс-релизы | 03.09.2014 Live demonstration with Liebherr mining excavator R 9150 at the Steinexpo 2014

  • Mining excavator R 9150 seen for the first time at a European trade fair
  • Easy access to major service points for quick and safe maintenance
  • High reliability and constant performance throughout the life of the equipment

At the Steinexpo 2014, the International Demonstration Show for the Construction Materials Industry, Liebherr is exhibiting special equipment in Homberg/Nieder-Ofleiden for quarrying. One highlight of the line-up is the mining excavator R 9150, which Liebherr presents for the first time at a European trade fair. The equipment in the 100 tonnes category (130 short tons) had its debut at the MINExpo 2012 in Las Vegas (USA). At the Steinexpo 2014, Liebherr is presenting the successor of the R 984 C as a face shovel version with a bucket capacity of 8.3 m³.

The Liebherr mining excavator R 9150 offers a wide array of uses. With a heavy-duty fatigue resistant undercarriage and stress concentrations elimination, the R 9150 offers high reliability and constant performance throughout the life of the equipment. This is also ensured by the application of innovative technologies as well as the usage of Liebherr components, like the LitronicPlus electronic control system or the hydraulic cylinders. With an 8.3 cubic meter bucket in backhoe and face shovel configuration, the R 9150 ensures high digging forces, easy material penetration and excellent bucket fill factors to perform even in the most demanding conditions.

The powerful Liebherr V12 diesel engine which equipped the R 9150 works in perfect harmony with the latest engine management system, the R 9150 delivers fast cycle times, resulting in higher productivity.

Engineered for optimum serviceability, the R 9150 ensures first class service arrangements. The grease tank and fuel tanks are sized to considerably extend the time between service intervals and with its one side service access, the R 9150 allows easy access to the major service points for quick and safe maintenance.

The modern large cabin with its large panoramic windows, the electro-hydraulic controls, the new machine monitoring system and the adjustable air suspended seat creates an ideal and efficient working environment for the operator.

The Liebherr R 9150 provides uncompromising safety for operators and maintenance crew. Equipped with a robust sliding ladder, a large catwalk and walkway, the R 9150 allows effortless access facilities to the major service points for easy and safe maintenance. In addition to its ergonomic design, the R 9150’s cabin with its armored front and attachment side windows provides maximum protection for the operator. The Falling Object Protection System and the front guard are available as an option for even more safety.

Liebherr provides solutions that allow customers to balance high performance with environmental consciousness. Integrating the latest engine management system, the R 9150 is built for intense mining while complying with the USA/EPA emission limits. When less power is required, the ‘‘Eco-Mode’’ can be selected via the machine monitor panel to reduce engine load, improving fuel efficiency and reducing carbon emissions.


Swann Blaise

Divisional General Manager: Marketing & Business Intelligence

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