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Новости | 21.07.2014 The fuel saving calculator for earthmoving equipment

The fuel saving calculator for Liebherr earthmoving equipment is a free online tool, which enable users to calculate their potential savings.

Machine data for many of the Liebherr Earthmoving products is currently available online. To this equipment belong the mobile excavators A 914 to A 918 and the A 910 Compact to A 918 Compact as well as the wheel loaders L 550 to L 586. Data for the LH series of material handlers is available for the different application areas recycling, scrap and timber handling. This information is reviewed and updated on a regular basis to give users the most current accurate information.

LiDAT – Liebherr Telematics System – supplies the data on which the fuel saving calculator is based. Using live data from LiDAT the average consumption per hour for each machine type is calculated. This works on the basis of total fuel consumption and total operating hours. Data can be gathered from machine registered on the LIDAT system.

To calculate personal savings the calculator needs values for average fuel consumption, annual operating hours and fuel price. The potential fuel saving is then calculated by comparing the data entered with the average of all relevant LIDAT machines

The fuel saving calculator can be accessed at the following link: