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Пресс-релизы | 21.01.2014 Liebherr Truck-Mounted Concrete Pump 37 R4 XXT at the World of Concrete

The new truck-mounted concrete pump 37 R4 XXT will be unveiled by Liebherr at the World of Concrete event running in Las Vegas, USA from the 21st to the 24th of January, 2014. Comprising a pump type THP 140 H, this equipment also features a Liebherr-patented XXT-narrow outrigger.

The four-section, roll-fold distributor boom has a reach of 37m (121‘-5“) and is extremely torsional-resistant. This ensures reduced vibrations when manoeuvring the boom during onsite applications. Well-balanced weight distribution is achieved by channelling the concrete line extremely close to the boom on both left and right-hand sides. Pressure loss is reduced over the entire length of the distributor boom due to the generous 275 mm (10.8“) radius of the pipe bends. Moreover, the pipe bends are predominantly of the same type, minimising the need to stock diverse replacement parts. Numerous design-related features optimise servicing tasks by simplifying the replacement of wear parts.

Liebherr is sole market provider of the exceptionally sturdy and low-torsion patented XXT-narrow outrigger. The front and rear support arms are secured directly to the pedestal of the distributor boom, through which the forces are channelled directly into the supports, completely bypassing the boom. All four support arms are pivot-mounted to allow maximum flexibility and a particularly extensive working range of the distributor boom with narrow support configurations. This feature is invaluable on construction sites with restricted access.

The truck-mounted concrete pump 37 R4 XXT can be equipped with high-performance pump units featuring three different outputs ranging from 125 m³/h (163 yd3/h) to 163 m³/h (213 yd3/h), depending on the respective application.

Chassis from various manufacturers can be used for the truck-mounted concrete pump in accordance with customer requirements.

A wide range of optional accessories and equipment are available for the 37 R4 XXT. It is therefore possible for the customer to specify additional storage compartments, an extra diesel tank or a further access point on the left-hand side for example. A magnetic rotating beacon provides added safety and a pneumatic end hose pinch valve prevents any concrete spillage when repositioning the boom.

These rugged and durable concrete pumps from Liebherr are developed and produced in Germany, and feature exclusively high-quality components from renowned manufacturers.


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