Crane control system Litronic

The crane management system is the centrepiece for precise and reliable crane operation. Litronic from Liebherr is a unique one-system-solution which unites the best technologies available for reliable crane control.

Litronic is the one-level interface between crane and driver. Various analysis tools provide relevant information on the operation. The system empowers the driver to efficiently control the crane and to optimize turnover.

Manufactured by Liebherr, the in-house development of Litronic also benefits from its wide area of application, including construction machinery, mining and aerospace.

Advantages at a glance

By Liebherr for Liebherr

High quality components for maximum performance.

Litronic is developed and manufactured in-house. Liebherr ensures long spare part availability with easy plug-out-plug-in replacement.

Customers benefit from synergy effects of lessons learned from various industries. For example, the aviation sector demands ultra high safety standards which leads to valuable impulses for other application fields.

All eyes on security

State-of-the-art data security is essential for smooth and safe operation. This includes the protection of data from manipulation and theft. Our information technology specialists continuously fine-tune our systems in order to maintain highest security levels.

More safety for your operation

Premium components and highest quality standards in manufacturing lead to safety and reliability in operation. As the Litronic system is used in sectors with exceptional safety standards, maritime customers also benefit from safety features beyond the norm.

Built to last

Designed for usage in rough environments, the Litronic crane control system undergoes extensive testing, including shock and temperature tests. The result is a system which combines tough hardware with smart software. A broad working temperature range from -40°C to +85°C ensures that maritime cranes are reliable solutions across the globe.

One system. One partner. One stop.

Extensive status information on built-in monitor system ensures immediate fault finding.

The Litronic crane control system is an integrated solution, a holistic approach for precise, safe and fast cargo handling. Fields of action:

  • Motor and hydraulic management
  • Safety and diagnosis systems
  • Communication and information systems
  • Machine data recording

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