Gear cutting and stock tools

Liebherr is one of the world's leading manufacturers of gear cutting tools. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of high quality gear cutting and stock tools. We develop proposal solutions for our customers. Included in the scope of services are special designs for all gears capable of being made through shaping. Moreover, Liebherr ensures high quality machining of gear cutting tools from all manufacturers.

Gear cutting tools

We take account of customer needs during the development of gear cutting tools and offer tailored solutions. Gear cutting tools

Stock tools

Liebherr offers various types of high quality cutting tools. Customers profit from short lead times with stock tools. Stock tools

Gear cutting machines

Discover the entire product portfolio of Liebherr gear cutting machines. Gear cutting machines


Discover the latest innovations from Liebherr automation systems. Automation systems


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Sales & service

Here, you will find the right sales and service contact for Liebherr gear cutting machines and automation systems. Sales and service worldwide