Highly mobile and manoeuvrable

The enormously manoeuvrable taxi cranes in the MK series combine versatile functionality with high mobility. With their variable steering concept and active rear wheel steering, mobile construction cranes can be moved into any gap.

Spectacular MK crane jobs

Liebherr mobile construction cranes impress with their reliable work. It's not just crane operators who are enthused. To the job reports

Designed for one-man operation

Several jobs per day are by no means a rarity. Just one person is needed to transport, erect and operate the crane. That saves on expensive additional transport and erection personnel.

Working on projecting edges

Liebherr mobile construction cranes show the strengths when things get tight. The vertical tower makes it possible to work directly on the building. The entire jib length can be used at any time – even with high loads on the jib head.

Delivery of MK cranes

Every day enthusiastic crane drivers and customers from all over the world take the opportunity to collect their new Liebherr mobile construction crane direct from the production plant. To the deliveries

Mobile construction cranes

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