Designed for challenging drilling operations

With the drilling rigs of the LB series all common drilling methods can be executed. These include Kelly drilling as well as several continuous drilling methods with double rotary head, continuous flight auger and partial or full displacement tools.

Convincing technology

Liebherr drilling rigs achieve excellent performance thanks to their powerful engine and optimized hydraulic system. The solid leader design and the parallel kinematics ensure a high level of stability and a large working radius.

Cost-efficient operation

Easy transportation and quick start of operation are distinguishing advantages of the Liebherr drilling rigs. There is no need to dismount the leader system for transportation – this reduces time for set-up and so significantly contributes to an economic operation of the machine.

Reliable service

Thanks to low maintenance requirements, the possibility of remote diagnosis, quick assistance on site and an efficient spare parts supply, Liebherr ensures permanent availability of its products.

Drilling rigs

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