Melissa Pabouctsidis got to know Liebherr while she was still studying

During this time, she worked at different sites. Today, she works as a System Engineer in the aerospace division. Why did she continue her career at Liebherr after she graduated? Because Melissa Pabouctsidis especially values the outstanding projects and professional team collaboration at Liebherr. That makes everyday working life fascinating for Melissa. Like in her largest project at present, developing a “folding wing tip” system.

Together the team works on creating innovations.

Melissa Pabouctsidis

“I got to know Liebherr during my university studies when I was writing my final thesis. This gave me an insight into the practical side and I quickly knew that I wanted to start my career at Liebherr. I know many colleagues now who have been working here a long time and possess extensive knowledge. People here are approachable and happy to help, which creates a familiar and trusted atmosphere, as well as a high level of professionalism. I have had this impression at all Liebherr locations I have worked.

Currently, I am working in the Aerospace Division – for me one of the most gratifying industries. As an engineer, it is satisfying to know that everything I work on, together with my colleagues, will result in an incredible product. Our current project is a good example: The project is the ‘folding wing tip system’, which allows wide-bodied aircrafts to fold up the wing tips after landing and reduce their wingspan on the ground by seven metres. There has never been such an innovation in civil aviation. Having the freedom to design something new and unknown makes my work exciting.”