She started her career at Liebherr in 2008 as a production employee

Having a say, suggestions for improvement and an open corporate culture: since 2008, Mariana Pichurova has felt very much at home within the Liebherr Group. As a Shift Supervisor in Production, what she finds most inspiring is the trusting cooperation between all employees. Together with the security that a family-owned company like Liebherr offers, Mariana Pichurova can concentrate fully on her work in Marica.

When I stood in for a shift supervisor, a lot of trust was placed in me – I really appreciated that.

Mariana Pichurova

“Ever since I joined the company in 2008, I have been impressed by the good organization and how well the Group is structured. To me, Liebherr is a responsible and committed employer. Our continuous improvement program means that employees and managers in production are always listened to and our suggestions are taken seriously. This openness on the part of the Group creates trust among the employees, and has a positive impact on job satisfaction. It makes me feel secure and supported, and I am very happy about that. It is not something you can take for granted.

Our working atmosphere, also, reflects this sense of security: it is just pleasant to work in such a structured but still lively environment, and enjoy so much support at the same time. That also meant it was easier for me to cover for our shift supervisor – even though it was a truly challenging and exciting time! A lot of trust was placed in me, and I really appreciated that. Now I am a shift supervisor in production myself, and I think back to this challenge every so often. If I had to summarize my experience at Liebherr in one sentence, I would say: With us, everything is tiptop!”