Tree Care and the Wood Industry

Are you looking for suitable solutions for tree care and the wood industry?

Whether you need them for preparing forest roads, working on embankments, clearing roads and forest tracks or problem tree-felling – Liebherr can supply the perfect handling machines for efficient tree care and the wood industry.

The right handling machine and suitable attachments enable trees and embankments to be cut perfectly and effectively from a safe distance.

Our efficient, economical material handling machines are also ideal for use in typical areas such as the waste industry or for scrap handling after the cutting season in tree care and the wood industry.

Fast, precise changing of a wide variety of attachments using the LIKUFIX quick change system enables them to tackle various jobs such as cutting back, general cutting, clearing and mulching trees and embankments very quickly. This means that Liebherr handling machines can always be used flexibly and can eliminate the existing danger at the site quickly, safely and reliably, particularly if delaying the work poses a risk in itself.

LH 22 M Industry in tree care

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