Maritime Cranes Newsletter

Issue 3/2020

Low consumption and high comfort

Salerno Container Terminal SPA, one of the leading Italian terminal operators, relies on Liebherr Port Equipment. SCT operates 12 Liebherr machines, including eight Liebherr reachstackers.

In addition to the high Liebherr quality, the LRS 545 impressed above all with its low diesel consumption and very good driving characteristics. SCT's reachstacker drivers underline the comfort in the cab and the good view of the load and surroundings.

Purely Electrical

The all-electric LPS 420 E gantry crane has more than proven itself in cargo handling at the NCSP Group, the largest Russian port operator in terms of cargo throughput.

Novorossiysk Commercial Sea Port has ordered two more units of this type and expects crane number 2 to be delivered shortly. NCSP is thus taking a further step towards an emission-free port and is developing into an environmentally conscious role model in the industry.

The LPS 420 E is especially optimised for terminals with a power supply ranging from 380 V to 460 V. Thanks to the Liebherr active-front-end frequency converter deviations in the voltage supply can be compensated easily for safe and stable operation.