Veysel Cilingir often likens Liebherr to an extended family

Whether it’s running a marathon together, or at work, time and again he is impressed by the team spirit among employees. The Design Engineer really appreciates exchanging ideas with colleagues and collectively solving big tasks – in the truest sense. It brings people together. Veysel Cilingir is proud to be part of this family, since Liebherr for him is not just a secure job, but almost like a second home.

When we see the product we developed being manufactured and put into use – that’s tremendous and it builds bonds.

Veysel Cilingir

“Liebherr means to me a fantastic image, gigantic great products, stability and a safe job! However, those are not the only reasons why I like working here. The main reason I like coming to work is that I feel at home at Liebherr. I love talking with my team and tackling tricky problems. A good example is a project we recently completed, where we designed and built a tall custom silo. The silo was going to be used to store around 850 tons of stones for road construction. So our design had to withstand enormously high pressures. It was tense at times, because we had to come up with a solution within a specified period.

And then, producing the silo posed its own challenges. Each of the 18-meter-long components was slightly different, and they had to be precisely aligned. The material warped when it was welded. We spent a lot of time in the production hall, consulting directly with the welders. It was a great team effort and achievement. We felt especially proud later on, when we saw our structure in use, in Switzerland. That brought our team even closer together. However, it’s not just at work that we are a close-knit team. When I ran the Einstein Marathon in Ulm, I was encouraged and cheered on not only by my own team, but also by colleagues from other Liebherr plants. The team spirit was amazing! I felt I was part of a big family – even though there were some colleagues whom I didn’t know. I am very happy to belong to this family and am looking forward to the upcoming challenging projects.”