LH 110 C Gantry

  • Weight-optimised equipment for bulk and general cargo use

    - Equipment combinations for ranges from 18 to 27.5 m

    - High payloads for a huge handling capacity

  • Gantry portal undercarriage

    - Different portal sizes due to modular structure

    - Efficient loading and unloading of passing lorries or wagons

  • Electric motor

    - 300 kW motor power / 478 kW system power (including ERC system)

    - Low maintenance and low noise

    - Exempt from exhaust gas regulations

LH 110 C Gantry Electric Port Litronic

The new LH 110 Port material handling machine was designed especially for handling scrap and mixed cargo in port handling operations and is distinguished by extremely high load bearing capacities while, at the same time, having a very long reach. Thanks to the new weight-optimized equipment, powerful operations and thereby maximum performance are guaranteed at minimum costs per tonne of handled material. The modular structure of the basic machine and equipment offers optimum solutions for all deployment situations. Combined with the high technological equipment, individual adaptation of the machine to the respective requirements assures maximum material handling performance with, at the same time, outstanding economy.

Reach 27 m
Operating weight 122,000 - 140,000 kg
Operating weight 268,964 - 308,647 lb
Engine output (ISO 9249) 300 kW
Engine output (ISO 9249) 300 kW
System performance 478 kW


Technical Data