LR 1200.1 Crawler crane

The LR 1200 convinces with high performance and very compact design. Lifting capacities up to 200 tonnes are possible thanks to its particularly solid boom and jib system. The optimised hydraulic system significantly reduces fuel consumption and provides more power on the winches. Rapid lifting is thus achieved even with multiple reeving.
Max. load capacity 220 t
Max. hoist height 148 m
Max. radius 95 m


Designed for road transportation

When disassembled the crawler crane has a compact transport width of maximum 3 metres, which permits cost-effective transportation with standard low loaders. The connecting pieces of the luffing jib can also be transported in the connecting pieces of the main boom to save space. Fewer transport vehicles are therefore required.

High service availability

A global service network with experienced technicians and fast access to spare parts ensure high machine availability and a long product service life. more

Self-loading and self-assembly system

The innovative self-assembly and self-loading system enables unloading and assembly without an auxiliary crane. For crawler cranes in this size category, more cost-effective transportation and quick commissioning play an instrumental role in efficient operation.


This includes a modern air-conditioning system with improved airflow, an optimized field of vision and reduced noise protection, as well as an orthopaedic operator’s seat with integrated heating and cooling.

Ground Pressure Visualization

The Ground Pressure Visualization calculates the current ground pressure of the machine in real time and compares it with the specified safety limits of the relevant position.

Consideration of wind speed

Both the measured wind speed and the actual crane configuration are taken into consideration when calculating the current hazardous situation for the crane. When the conditions become too dangerous, the system gives a warning.

Driving is always carried out in “Safe Mode” with active Load Moment Limiter, and is dependent on the driving speed.

Thanks to the variety of boom configurations, the user enjoys maximum flexibility with the adaptation of the crane to the respective conditions. Rapid deployment on different construction sites is thus possible.

The crawler crane is driven by a high-performance and simultaneously economical Liebherr diesel engine. The emissions-optimised unit meets the latest exhaust emissions standards.


The control system developed by Liebherr includes all operating and control functions of the crane and permits very delicate and secure lifting. The load capacities are automatically calculated during operation. The calculation of the load moment indication is also effected steplessly or without interpolation. Optimal utilisation of the machine is thus guaranteed.

Technical data

Max. load capacity 220 t
at radius 4.10 m
Main boom, lightweight/heavyweight from 20 m
Main boom, lightweight/heavyweight up to 89 m
Max. load torque 1,180 tm
Lattice jib from 20.0 m
Lattice jib up to 95.0 m
Central ballast 36 t
Counterweight at superstructure 82 t
Engine power 230 kW
Driving speed 1.50 km/h


Optional equipment

Virtual crane operation plan

Confined spatial conditions, as well as special ground conditions, are key factors for the configuration of the device. As a solution, with the "Crane Planner" Liebherr offers software for selecting the optimal crawler crane and the appropriate configuration for the respective use. more

Boom Up-and-Down Aid

The assistance system “Boom Up-and-Down Aid” indicates the approach to the tipping border and automatically stops operation before the operator unintentionally enters an unsafe zone.

Personnel lifting

The crane is approved for personnel lifting. The statutory emergency generator and emergency controls required for personnel lifting are offered by Liebherr as a simple Plug-and-Play solution.

Horizontal load path

This control assistance system increases the comfort in the operation of the crane. Loads can be moved to their intended position more efficiently. Coordination is also simplified for multi-crane lifting.

Vertical Line Finder

The Vertical Line Finder ensures that the boom head is moved exactly vertical over the load to be lifted. This prevents the load swinging and possible contact with obstacles, as well as people. The service life of the crane is also increased with the lower dynamics on the boom.

Radio remote control

With the radio remote control a second person outside the cab can assume all crane movements. Loads can be moved to positions which are not even visible to the operator himself. Safety on the construction site is thus increased considerably.

The data transfer and positioning system "LiDAT" supplies important information on the operation of the machine. With this data crane operation can be made more efficient. There are various additional packages available for displaying data on wind speed or machine configuration, as well as access by service engineers via Teleservice.


In this variant the main boom and luffing jib are combined with a conical connecting piece. If required, the crawler crane reaches huge lifting heights.

The heavy-duty jib is designed for maximum lifting capacity. The heavy-duty jib develops its full capability working together with large boom lengths and derrick equipment. A typical application is the installation of wind turbines.

The use of the high-quality material CFRP guarantees a high degree of user-friendliness. For example, carbon handrails offer the advantages of no maintenance, simple handling, as well as weight reduction, which in turn enables higher load capacities and boom lengths.

Liebherr developed a system for protecting people during assembly work on lattice jibs. Optimal protection of staff is thus guaranteed at all times.


Seven Crawler Cranes in Danish Harbor City

Seven Crawler Cranes in Danish Harbor City

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Video - Automatic engine stop control explained

Video - Automatic engine stop control explained

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Ground Pressure Visualization

Ground Pressure Visualization

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Animation - Vertical Line Finder and Horizontal Load Path for crawler cranes

Animation - Vertical Line Finder and Horizontal Load Path for crawler cranes

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Radio remote control for Liebherr crawler cranes (LR series)

Radio remote control for Liebherr crawler cranes (LR series)

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