Dry bulk handling with ship cranes from Liebherr

Liebherr ship cranes for dry bulk handling are designed to withstand salt water, wind and sun as well as dust and vibration in the long-term.

A CBW 2800-30 handling gravel.

A CBW 2800-30 handling gravel.

A CBW 2800-30 handling gravel.
The versatile and compact CBW 2800 ship crane

Thanks to their low height, the versatile cranes facilitate high visibility and are easy to control.

The compact overall design has a positive effect on the ship's structure and requires very little space on board, which means more space for the transportation of goods. High performance winches designed for continuous operation guarantee reliable and fast material handling on board and ship to shore. The minimal maintenance requirements ensure prolonged service life and low costs.

Your benefits at a glance

Dry bulk cargo vessels equipped with ship cranes are independent of land-based loading and unloading facilities. When space in the harbour is restricted, the use of ship cranes even makes it possible to transfer loads at sea.

Liebherr ship cranes are designed for continuous use and also to withstand constantly dusty conditions during bulk handling. The components offer a particularly high level of resistance as well as simple and low cost maintenance.

The inhouse-developed Liebherr Litronic control system makes it possible for the crane operator to set route markers. This accelerates the slewing movements of the crane and actively supports the crane operator. Material handling can therefore be carried out more quickly without sacrificing control and overview.


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