Information for independent workshops according to EU regulation 167/2013 (RMI)

The EU regulation 167/2013 defines the reporting requirement of manufacturers with regard to the service of machines (RMI). Liebherr makes available online repair and maintenance information (RMI) to independent workshops and other companies. The RMI documents of Liebherr can be easily called up via the customer portal MyLiebherr.

After registering with MyLiebherr you have the option to purchase fee-based licences for access to the online spare parts catalogue and the online service documentation. In MyLiebherr you also find contact details for technical training and support.

RMI information is available for the following machines on MyLiebherr:

  • T32-7
  • T33-10
  • T35-6
  • T36-7
  • T41-7
  • T46-7
  • T55-7
  • T60-9

How it works:

  • RMI contact

    You can get in touch with us by using the contact form. Contact form


    Log in to MyLiebherr now and obtain RMI information. MyLiebherr RMI