HS 895 HD performing well in Victorian Sand Quarry

The HS 985 HD in a sand quarry in Lang Lang, Victoria.

The HS 985 HD in a sand quarry in Lang Lang, Victoria.

The HS 895 HD is the largest Heavy Duty Crawler Crane in Australia. Weighing 200 tonnes and boasting 2 x 35 tonne winches, this crawler crane was built to tackle the tough jobs.

Arriving into Melbourne in December 2016, this crane was a gamble for our customer and our Crawler Cranes Division. Since commissioned on site however, the HS 895 has proven itself time and time again. Operating in a large sand quarry in regional Victoria (Lang Lang), our customer can now access areas of the quarry that were traditionally ignored. Our customer also noted that the increase in production is an impressive 400 tonnes per hour which more than covers the initial investment and running costs of the HS 895.

Equipped with a 5.5 cubic metre clamshell grab, and operating with a swing radius of approximately 180 degrees, each full cycle takes only 45 seconds to achieve a full pay load. By utilising the HS 895, the digging depth on site has also doubled to 40m, which compared to hydraulic excavators in this same application, is a huge advantage.

Liebherr-Australia is looking forward to the continued success of this equipment in Australia and New Zealand with more additions of this application planned for 2019/2020.

You can watch this machine in action on the Liebherr YouTube Channel.