Liebherr-Australia and The Bloomfield Group – partnering for a world-first

The new Liebherr PR 776 Mining Dozer with R 9800 excavator at work in Australia.

The new Liebherr PR 776 Mining Dozer with R 9800 excavator at work in Australia.

During their recent visit to Australia, visitors Dr Joerg Lukowski (Vice President, Sales and Marketing at Liebherr-Mining Equipment SAS, France) and Mr Jo Janka (President of Liebherr Mining Equipment, USA) joined Mr Trent Wehr, (Liebherr-Australia Director – Mining) in attending The Bloomfield Group’s Rixs Creek mine to review the R 9800 excavator and the PR 776 mining dozer and were thoroughly impressed with the preliminary results.

The Liebherr PR 776 is the world’s first hydrostatically powered crawler tractor in the 70 tonne category, and is designed for tough mining and quarry operations. With a Liebherr 12-cylinder diesel engine giving 565 kW, it has a maximum operating weight of 74 tonnes, and is equipped with blade capacities of 18m3 (semi-U-blade) or 22m3 U-blade.

The modern drive concept of the PR 776 offers significantly lower fuel consumption than the industry standard with comparable pushing performance, while the ECO mode function offers further fuel economy.

The PR 776 has ROPS/FOPS directly integrated in the cab structure, increased lighting, and excellent operator visibility due to placement of all internal and external fixtures.

For the past few months, the new Liebherr PR 776 mining dozer has been undergoing rigorous performance, structural, and competitor testing at Rix’s Creek.

“It was a world first to see the Liebherr PR 776 dozer working clean up under the Liebherr R 9800. A great effort by all those involved to bring the vision to reality. Since the arrival on site of the R 9800, The Bloomfield Group have always been a great supporter of Liebherr-Australia. The commitment to allowing Liebherr-Australia to run fields tests for the PR 776 on a Bloomfield Group site, further proves that commitment. Liebherr-Australia are dedicated to a long term partnership with The Bloomfield Group, through a relationship that continues to grow from strength to strength in the challenging times we find our industry in.” said Trent Wehr, Director of Mining for Liebherr-Australia.