Deep Foundation

Going underground

LR crawler cranes serve as optimal carrier equipment

Crawler cranes can be used as carrier machines for deep foundation work. With fixed or swinging leaders attached, they are ideal for use as piling or drilling rigs. Long booms and large radii enable extensive working ranges as well as enormous effective lengths. In addition, the LR cranes are particularly suitable for dynamic ground compaction.

Drilling rig

Deep down below

A fixed leader is fitted on the carrier machine LR 1300. Hence a drilling machine is created for the installation of cast-in-place piles using the continuous flight auger drilling method. Drilling depths down to 50 metres can be achieved.

Soil improvement

Deep compaction

Using vibro-replacement the prevailing ground is improved through dynamic energy input. The vibro-flot is mounted free hanging on ropes and sunk into the ground. Through the vibration the surrounding soil is compacted.

Deep foundation: LR crane product portfolio

130-750 t

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