Synchronised lifting with Sycratronic

The Sycratronic assist system makes it possible to operate two Liebherr cranes in tandem mode. A crane operator controls the movement of both machines that are electronically synchronised. While manual tandem lifts have to be restricted to 75% of the crane's capacity, this control system guarantees 100% utilisation of the maximum load capacity.

Mobile harbour crane

Ship cranes

Maritime technology

Groundbreaking technologies from Liebherr. From hybrid drive to automation and self-learning systems. Maritime technology

Maritime cranes

The Maritime Division produces a wide range of ship cranes, port cranes, offshore cranes and floating cranes. Maritime cranes

Crane simulators

Our simulators offer immersive, realistic and cost-effective crane operator training for the maritime product series. LiSIM

Special wind energy

Liebherr is a strong partner for the wind energy industry. We offer tailored solutions for various requirements. Wind energy competence