Fibre cranes: lightweight to increase lifting capacity

The main benefits at a glance

Fibre cranes have been specially developed for use with fibre ropes. Since the start of 2020, these cranes have been fixtures on sites in many different countries and their users have been profiting from these benefits.

20% higher lifting capacity

The hoist rope on fibre cranes has similar lifting capacity values to a steel rope with the same diameter. But the cranes deliver significantly higher capacity over the entire load diagram due to the weight reduction in the rope and hook block.


The soLITE® fibre rope also outscores steel ropes in terms of durability. Special high quality materials and the specific rope pattern mean that fibre ropes provide up to four times the service life.

Improved erection process

The new fibre rope is much easier to handle for service technicians. It is flexible and lightweight, which means that the rope can be changed and fitted more quickly and safely.


In terms of safety, the soLITE® is well ahead of all conventional rope types. The protective cover does not have a load-bearing function. It contains fibres which wear at different rates, exposing the red core after a period of use. This indicates quite clearly for all to see that the rope has reached the end of its service life.

Rope replacement indicator

During the development of the fibre rope, special attention was given to ensuring that it was possible to identify when the rope needs replacement as easily as possible. The external cover of the rope does not have a load-bearing function. As the cover wears over time, the red signal layer beneath it appears. This can be seen from distance and shows clearly that it is time for the rope to be replaced.

Two wear levels as an example

Wear level 40%

The indicator fibres in the cover are clearly worn.

Wear level around 100%

Large sections of the rope core are clearly visible and are no longer protected. The rope is therefore no longer suitable for use.

High-strength fibre rope for tower cranes

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