Liebherr lattice boom mobile cranes

On site quickly for very heavy loads.

LG 1750 installes glass roof on cruise ship

Liebherr LG lattice boom mobile cranes:


High lifting capacity and mobility!

When we decided to buy a lattice tower crane, the options from Liebherr were crawler crane or mobile crane. We decided on the LG 1750 mobile crane as a result of its better mobility and slightly higher lifting capacity.

Mikel Ibarrondo, Managing Director of the Ibarrondo Group, Spain

In addition to its enormous lifting capacity, the LG 1750 delivers great flexibility. It can be made ready for use quickly and low cost as the basic machine can be driven on public roads. Fewer transport vehicles are required compared to a crawler crane and the set-up time is shorter. It is the perfect machine for heavy hoists and short term jobs – set up, one hoist, dismantle, and straight off to the next job.

Dirk Bracht, Managing Partner of Franz Bracht KG, Germany

Tandem hoist LG 1750 and LTM 11200-9.1

Bridge hoist with a surprise -

LG 1750 with sufficient reserves

As part of the Stuttgart 21 infrastructure project, a pedestrian bridge had to be removed and replaced by a new railway bridge in Baden-Württemberg's state capital. Crane contractor Wiesbauer assembled its Liebherr LG 1750 lattice mast crane on the banks of the River Neckar to remove the wooden bridge. Despite the bridge weight being significantly higher than expected, the crane successfully completed the work.

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Replaced -

Liebherr lattice boom mobile crane hoists giant lock gates

All six gates on the barrage of the fishing and yacht dock had to be removed for the refurbishment of the dock gates in Büsum. A Liebherr LG 1750 lattice boom mobile crane had a genuine challenge on its hands, namely hoisting the 90 tonne steel gates. With a radius of 67 metres, the massive crane had to manage a gross load of over 100 tonnes.

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“Grand Paris” -

Liebherr involved in one of the outstanding projects of the century

Mediaco took a step towards securing its future by recently purchasing a Liebherr LG 1750 lattice boom crane. The mobile crane has already completed one or two hoists of a tunnel drilling machine for the "Grand Paris" infrastructure project over the last few months. Maximum load cases of around 300 tonnes are a matter of course for the LG 1750. The crane is generally set up in compact form with a 35 metre main boom and a derrick boom, making it strong enough for jobs on the underground railway sites.

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LG 1750 Grand Paris

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