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Liebherr gear technology

Machine highlights

World premiere:

Economical series production of steering worms

Thanks to the high machine rigidity and fast automation, the newly developed worm milling machine LC 80 WD is perfect for the series production of automotive steering worms and for various industrial worm applications.


Machine design with optimized static and dynamic stiffness

  • High process capability (SPC)
  • Ring loader concept for quick loading and unloading
  • Optimized worm milling head
    • Robust tool clamping
    • Guarantees long tool life
  • Integrated additional machining station
    • Chamfering and brushing parallel to machining
    • Burr-free workpieces

New machine: gear skiving machine

Skiving³: Machine - Tool - Process

The unique LK 180/280 gear skiving machine combines maximum productivity with a high degree of flexibility. The skiving³ concept includes the machine, technology, and optimally designed tools, with which the complete process solution is guaranteed for the customer.


  • Newly designed gear skiving machine
    • Compact installation area
    • Fast machining times
    • Integrated automation
    • High-performance spindle with inner coolant supply
  • Machine-integrated tool changer
    • Roughing and finishing tools
    • Additional functions such as turning, drilling, milling, and measuring
    • Multiple machining with several tools
  • Integrated additional machining station
    • Skiving and chamfering in one machine
    • Chamfering parallel to machining
    • Burr-free workpieces

Gear shaping machine

The fully electronic shaping head

The new LS 180 E gear shaping machine with an electronic shaping head stands out on account of its enormous flexibility. It can machine spur and helical gears in one clamping and is thus capable of shaping several gears on one workpiece.


  • Time-consuming change of mechanical helical guides and the arising extensive procurement are completely eliminated
  • Set-up process for a workpiece change is reduced to a minimum
  • Gear shaping of several teeth with different helix angles possible in one clamping

Generating and profile grinding machine

Topological CBN generating and profile grinding as economical alternative

The non-dressable grinding tools of the generating and profile grinding machines LGG 180/280 combine high tool quality, simple handling, as well as a very long service life.


  • Machine
    • High component quality & very high SPC (1-table concept)
    • Fast set-up and short idle times
    • Technological flexibility for internal and external teeth
  • CBN benefits
    • Non-dressable tool
    • Easy operation similar to gear hobbing
    • Significantly reduced measuring and inspection efforts
  • Integrated centrifuge
    • Clean, drip-free workpieces, no oil carryover
    • Minimum set-up work
    • SPC/NOK removal at the centrifuging station
    • Closed loop solution between WGT 280 measuring machine and LGG 280 generating and profile grinding machines

New at Liebherr: measuring technology

The WGT series

The four-axle measuring devices in the WGT range have high-precision mechanics and electronics, which are controlled by intelligent and user-friendly software.


  • Lasting precision with lapped granite guides with consistent thermal behavior, paired with air bearings.
  • Low operating costs thanks to contactless guides and reliable probes, as well as affordable spare parts.
  • Flexible for all types of teeth and other tasks can be configured
  • User-friendly user interface and ergonomic design
  • Gear cutting machines and measuring systems as closed loop system solutions from a single source

Gear cutting tools

Liebherr is one of the leading manufacturers of gear cutting tools worldwide. We develop solutions and manufacture special designs for you. More information

Sales & service

Here, you will find the right sales and service contact for Liebherr gear cutting machines and automation systems. Sales and service worldwide

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