Liebherr cranes in action

Cramped spaces, extreme loads, high alpine terrain: Liebherr mobile construction cranes impress with their reliable work even under extreme conditions. It's not just crane operators who are enthused. Often, numerous spectators eagerly follow spectacular crane uses.

MK 88 Plus achieves 300 lifts in three days

An MK 88 Plus belonging to crane service provider Nolte Auto-Krane has completed a veritable lifting marathon as part of a structural inspection of the North Sea barrage near Husum. During its tough eight-week assignment, the Liebherr crane lifted more than 1,800 loads of various types. The placing of the stop gates alone entailed the machine completing 300 lifts in just three days. To the job report

Pretty tight conditions – The Liebherr MK 140 mobile construction crane provides the best logistical solution

Lifting three-tonne packages of roofing sheets to a height of over 20 metres in the tightest of spaces is both challenging and demanding. During the construction of a grocery distribution centre in Erlensee, Hessen, the Liebherr mobile construction crane succeeded in a job that others had previously been forced to decline. To the job report

The sound of silence: Liebherr mobile construction crane in electric operation

Earlier this year, the Radeberg-based company Krandienst Kunze e.K. sent its Liebherr MK 88 Plus mobile construction crane to Dresden’s old town district to replace elements of the extensive glass roof of a shopping centre there. The conditions near Dresden’s Frauenkirche church: a narrow street, tricky lifts out of the atrium over a thirty-metre-high row of buildings and a considerable residential density. A perfect situation for an MK 88 Plus in electric drive mode. To the job report

Crane in operation despite limited available space: Liebherr mobile construction crane lifts radio equipment onto telecommunications tower

The crane rental company Wiesbauer GmbH & Co. KG was tasked to lift fragile radio equipment to a height of 85 metres at a site surrounded by forest. The main challenge lay in finding a crane that could manage the steep forest tracks, some only three metres wide, without damaging trees and other obstacles along the way and still provide a sufficient hook height directly at the tower. To the job report

Liebherr MK 88 Plus mobile construction crane masters 1,600 lifts in the Swiss Alps

Under considerable time pressure, a new 900-square-metre base structure needed to be constructed for the new imposing Lake Grimsel arch dam in the Alps before the onset of winter. A large-scale concrete mixing plant is due to be built on the base this spring. The construction company Frutiger AG is involved in the project and in October deployed its MK 88 Plus Liebherr mobile construction crane to the construction site, located at an altitude of almost 2,000 metres, for this Alpine assignment. To the job report

Liebherr’s versatile MK 140 mobile construction crane makes sanitisation of chemical plant possible

From setting up the site at the reactor to lifting in environmental service employees, to the (dis)assembly of diverse scaffolding, the MK 140 Plus Liebherr mobile construction crane has been in constant operation at a chemical plant. In the German city of Stade, a reactor was shut down, cleaned, serviced and overhauled. To the job report

Liebherr mobile construction crane part of the Dresden Zwinger renovation project

In the summer of this year, the MK 88 Plus Liebherr mobile construction crane, supplied by Krandienst Kunze e.K., was used to give Dresden’s most famous city centre building a new lease of light: the roof of the Semper Gallery received new glass panes. To the job report

Liebherr MK 88 Plus as a space-saving miracle in the old city centre of Mainz

During the use of a Liebherr MK 88 Plus in the city centre of Mainz, the spontaneity of the crane driver and the flexibility of the mobile construction crane were essential: In very restricted space, crane requirements had been changed on site at short notice. To the job report

Liebherr MK 140 mobile construction crane is the secret star in the arena of Verona

Today "Aida", tomorrow "Carmen": An MK 140 makes sure that the 2019 season in the famous opera arena of Verona goes off without a hitch. Fully-electrically operated, our compact power pack makes a quiet and speedy change of the stage setting possible. Here you can read a guest article from our long-standing partner Schmidbauer, premium supplier of mobile cranes and special transports. To the job report

A lift for Austria’s largest cathedral

The Roman Catholic Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception (Mariä-Empfängnis-Dom) in Linz, also known as St. Mary's Cathedral (Mariendom) or New Cathedral (Neuer Dom), is undergoing extensive renovation work expected to last until 2030 – a Liebherr MK 140 mobile construction crane, from the crane service provider Felbermayr, added its own small contribution to the project in March 2019. To the job report

Liebherr mobile construction cranes tackle building retrofit

Three Liebherr mobile construction cranes have been in action as part of an administrative building retrofit in Neckarsulm. In addition to several steel elements, a MK 140 hoisted several air conditioning units onto the five-storey building. A MK 88 and a MK 100 were also involved in the construction project. To the job report

Liebherr MK 88 mobile construction crane: Working for The Lord

It was probably the greatest and most spectacular crane job in the long history of the Protestant church in Naurod. Over the years the wind and weather have caused all sorts of damage to the structure which meant that it was now badly in need of refurbishment. To the job report

Liebherr MK 140 mobile construction crane: Window installation in heavy railway station traffic in Bruges, Belgium

Bruges station is the main station in Bruges and one of the busiest railway stations in Belgium. A new window pane was required there. To the job report

Liebherr MK 140 mobile construction crane: High handling capacity in the capital of Bavaria

The Liebherr MK 140 mobile construction crane operated by Schmidbauer GmbH & Co. KG was recently involved in roofing work in Munich. A radius of 58m was required to hoist the roofing material weighing up to 1.9 tonnes onto the 36m high building in the capital of Bavaria. To the job report

Liebherr MK 140 mobile construction crane in a dizzying height

One job completed by the Liebherr MK 140 mobile construction crane operated by Wiesbauer GmbH & Co. KG saw the EnBW City in Stuttgart receive new windows. To the job report

First trial – Liebherr MK 88 Plus

Bridges carry, bridges hold and bridges connect. A report by Stephan Achenbach, passionate MK driver at RigaMainz and an enthusiastic social media user. To the job report

The MK 140 mobile construction crane develops its full potential

As a result of the difficult space conditions, the MK had to be assembled a relatively long way away from the site. To the job report

Liebherr MK 140 mobile construction crane working in Frankfurt's banking area

The MK 140 mobile construction crane was recently involved in roofing work in Frankfurt's City Centre. The main benefits of the MK 140 were already demonstrated whilst the crane was being assembled. To the job report

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