Wood grapples

The wood grapple is a hydraulic attachment used for picking up and transporting logs. Different arm dimensions allow safe and fast transport and handling at woodyards and loading yards. Wood grapples

Multi-tine grapples

Industrial handling technology requires special multi-tine grapples for different operations. Depending on requirements, Liebherr offers four- or five-tine grapples with open, semi-closed or closed tines.

Sorting grapples

The sorting grapple (demolition grapple) has been specially developed for the requirements of demolition and recycling. It is used for sorting, loading and demolition work. In sorting operations, it represents a highly effective universal attachment. Sorting grapples


The clamshell is used for loading and unloading buckets, wagons and ship's holds. These clamshells have a high clamping force and impressive durability, even when operating in tough conditions. Clamshells