News | 12/15/2015 integrates new product worlds: New online presence of mobile and crawler cranes and also maritime cranes

The Liebherr website was revamped in June 2014 and the domestic appliances division was added in September 2015. Now, two additional product areas are going online with a new web design. From 15 December, the mobile and crawler cranes and also maritime cranes division will be integrated under the umbrella.

The newly-created product worlds for mobile and crawler cranes and maritime cranes offer existing content with greater user-friendliness and have been supplemented with additional content. To gain access to the desired information quickly and in a target-orientated manner, the search function can be refined with new filters. Aside from technical data about the individual products, many downloads are available with brochures, publications and operational reports. The new service area offers information about the global service partners, training courses for customers and staff as well as technical assistance for successful operations.

Another key area of the website for the two product areas is dedicated to more comprehensive information on the subject of technology. For example, the area of maritime cranes, in particular, offers the user a broad overview of maritime technologies and presents innovative systems from Liebherr, which make crane operation more efficient, safer and ecologically friendlier.

The concept of the newly-created product worlds at will be continued in the coming months. It is estimated that all Liebherr product worlds will be presented in this format by April 2016. Until they are completed incorporated, the existing content of the individual product areas remains active and unchanged as separate internet portals.