News | 11/19/2014 40 Years of Liebherr Mobile Harbour Cranes

Shortly after market entry in 1974, Liebherr delivered its mobile harbour cranes across the globe.

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Since 2012, Liebherr’s 1000th mobile harbour crane has been handling bulk at the French Atlantic Coast.

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More than 1,200 cranes in nearly 100 countries all over the world: that’s the outcome of 40 production years of Liebherr mobile harbour cranes. Manufactured in 1974, the very first cranes were exported to France, Italy and Spain. Three years later, the first cranes started operating in Argentina, South America. At that time, Liebherr mobile harbour cranes already allowed for highly efficient cargo handling on four continents.

Then and now, creativity and innovation were the key factors to success. Thus, Liebherr Maritime Cranes has introduced a number of ground-breaking innovations to the market, e. g. SmartGrip, Pactronic and Sycratronic.

Over the last ten years, the demand for Liebherr mobile harbour cranes has been particularly strong. It took 31 years to sell the first 500 Liebherr mobile harbour cranes, whereas the goal of the next 500 was accomplished in less than seven years – between 2005 to 2012.

Since 1974, Spain has been a very important market for this versatile cargo handling solution. To no other country in the world, Liebherr has delivered as many mobile harbour cranes as to Spain.