The Components division produces individual components and system solutions for Liebherr machines and external customers. The division significantly increased its sales in 2018.

Development compared to previous year*

Investments in € m
from 96
( + 12.5% ) 0
from 4,556
( + 10.3% ) 0

Growth and new partnerships

In the financial year 2018, the business areas of Propulsion, Hydraulic Cylinders, Electrical Propulsion and Control Technologies benefited from the upward trend in the mining industry and the strong business year for the Liebherr Earthmoving, Tower Cranes and Mobile Cranes divisions. A new engine series went into production, and sales in combustion engines increased substantially among major customers, all of which resulted in significant growth. There was also an increase in deliveries of gas engines for combined heat and power units.

One of the most important events was the start of a partnership to develop six-cylinder, on-highway engines. At the Innotrans fair in Berlin (Germany) in autumn, a partnership to produce an engine for power packs in rail vehicles was announced. This engine, which will be available from 2020, offers greater power at a lower fuel consumption than comparable motors. As part of a long-term collaboration with a Finnish partner, Liebherr announced the development of high-speed engines for marine and offshore applications. This allows the division to expand into a new sector.

The division is continuing to expand its production capacities.

Innovations in power electronics

The division made significant progress in developing new power electronics in the reporting year 2018. For example, the product portfolio expanded to include new low-voltage frequency converters. The power modules and converter systems are suitable for drive power in the multi-megawatt range, and some versions can be used in the maritime industry, wind turbines and industrial applications. In the field of human-machine interfaces, the portfolio has been expanded to include a mobile digital camera. Its extensive sensor functions make it useful in a wide range of applications.

The division expects large order volumes for the year ahead in nearly all of its business areas. To accommodate this, production capacities are being expanded, including the opening of a new production hall for surface treatment of slewing bearings in Biberach an der Riß (Germany).

* Restatement first time adoption of IFRS 9 / 15 / 16.