Specially developed for Liebherr mobile cranes

Liebherr mobile cranes are controlled precisely using intelligent technology. The LICCON computer system is at the heart of all this. Liebherr designs and produces the software and hardware for the mobile crane control in-house. Our specialists continue to work on the development of the control's architecture to meet the ever growing demands of the market.

  • Integral LMB load moment limiter
  • All key components are manufactured by Liebherr
  • Guaranteed spare part availability
  • Proven in a very wide variety of climatic conditions around the world
  • Easy to use
  • Very reliable due to data bus technology

LICCON crane control system

The Liebherr LICCON2 crane control system can control crane movements easily and safely from outside the cab. The video shows the functions of the crane's remote control.

Collective and personal fall arrest systems

  • Operating display

    Clear display of all the main information about the crane geometry.

  • Set-up display

    Display of the lifting capacity charts based on the entered set-up configuration.

  • User-friendly functions and benefits

    System display of the working range limits

    System display of the working range limits

    LICCON allows working range limits to be programmed at the touch of a button and monitored automatically.

    • Relieves the strain on the crane operator by automatically monitoring working range limits such as bridges, roofs, etc.
    • Simple programming
    Specimen view of a crane job simulation with LICCON

    Specimen view of a crane job simulation with LICCON

    The LICCON job planner allows the computer-aided simulation of crane jobs using the load case parameters of load, radius and hoist height.

    • Computer program for planning, simulating and documenting crane jobs
    • Search for the most suitable crane
    • Calculate maximum support forces and wind speeds
    Complete remote control for controlling all crane movements

    Complete remote control for controlling all crane movements

    The remote control allows all the crane functions to be controlled from outside the cabine. A major benefit for crane operators: The console can also be used for other cranes with a LICCON2 control which have been programmed for remote control.

    • Fast localisation of faults on the screen without measuring instruments
    • Display of error codes and error description
    • Convenient dialogue functions for monitoring all inputs and outputs

    Mobile Crane Technology at a Glance

    Excellent service

    Liebherr has a global service network. Our all-round service extends from competent advice and training to used cranes. Service & information

    Focus on safety

    We are committed to ensuring that crane jobs can be completed safely. Liebherr sets the very highest equipment standards and tests every single crane to ensure this. Safety