Hydro-mechanical system: Fast telescoping with rope pull technology

We use a hydro-mechanical telescoping system for our mobile cranes whose telescopic boom consists of the pivot section and a maximum of three telescoping parts. The integral rope pull technology makes the telescopic boom particularly simple and quick to extend to the required length

Telescopic boom can be extended as required

The rope pull technology enables the telescopic boom to be extended easily and quickly to any length. The hydro-mechanical telescoping system uses a single-stage, double-action hydraulic cylinder. This extends and retracts telescope 1. Telescopes 2 and 3 are telescoped by ropes.

High lifting capacities

  • High lifting capacities both with full ballast and also with part ballast
  • Oval boom section for great lateral stability
  • High telescoping lifting capacities

Mobile Crane Technology at a Glance

Excellent service

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Focus on safety

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