Made with Liebherr

Mobile and crawler cranes from Liebherr are in action every day on behalf of horse fans, history buffs, efficiency experts, churchgoers, art lovers, train drivers, crane fans and many more. A very wide range of structures has been and continues to be created all over the world – made with Liebherr.

Berlin Cathedral’s crowning glory

For two and a half years, the people of Berlin looked at their city’s landmark with deep regret as it was missing a very important component. A replacement for the cathedral’s cupola cross, which crowns the building, was under construction and being gold-plated from December 2006 to August 2008. Originally, the plan was to restore this jewel. However, the rust damage proved to be so bad that it was irreparable, so a new cupola cross had to be made. Metal construction company Breidenbach based in Peiting was engaged to design the new cupola cross. A Berlin-based specialist then undertook the production of the new piece, consisting of a cross, sphere and crown, with 1.5 kilograms of gold leaf. After a brief prayer, an LTM 1500-8.1 from Berlin crane contractor BTB hoisted the 15 metre high, 12.5 tonne cupola cross to a dizzying height onto the cathedral’s cupola. Since then, the landmark has been shining with a whole new level of brilliance.

Pegasus & Dragon

The largest bronze horse statue in the world, in the form of Pegasus and Dragon, was created in 2015 at Gulfstream Park in Florida. A Liebherr LTM 1400-7.1 mobile crane operated by American contractor Allegiance Crane worked on the project. The order for the statue was awarded to art foundry Strassacker in Süssen. Strassacker engaged Stark, an engineering agency based in Ludwigsburg and Miami and comprising a team which specialises in special support structures, to develop the technical design, plan the erection work and produce the wide-ranging complex engineering solutions required for the statue.

Eye catcher with 58 tonnes

The 400 tonne crane was equipped with Y-guying and full ballast for this job. The crane took care of its own erection procedure. The left wing of the Pegasus was the heaviest single component, weighing in at a massive 58 tonnes. The Liebherr crane had to hoist this component at a radius of 22.3 metres. The new statue is now a magnet for visitors and an eye-catching symbol for a new equestrian sports park featuring various entertainment and leisure facilities.

With combined forces

An LR 1750 and an LR 11350 from Scottish crane contractor Weldex hoisted a 560 tonne bridge arch in 2017 onto the substructure of the Ordsall Chord Bridge, a new railway bridge in the English city of Manchester. Prior to this, the crawler cranes had to move the bridge arch in stages around 30 metres to the river bank.

Great care and precision

After several hours of hard work, the job was then finished – the bridge arch was hoisted onto the bottom section of the bridge with great care and precision and, more importantly, with no complications. At 89 metres in length, the structure is the first railway bridge in Great Britain with an asymmetrical network arch and also the second-longest of its type anywhere in the world. A unique structure!

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