Reconditioning your own component to perfect condition

With the general overhaul, you do not receive an anonymous component, but rather your own component is reconditioned so that it again corresponds to the original technical construction condition. Dimensions, tolerances and power output meet the same high quality standards as a corresponding new part from Liebherr. The general overhaul in the European Reman Centre takes an average of 8 days without transport time. All wearing parts are replaced by original spare parts.

High warranty

Your reconditioned component comes with the same guarantee as a new part.

Cost advantage

You pay an attractive fixed price for the general overhaul.

At a glance

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Component for clients Customer property
Machine downtime 8 days (plus transport time)
Costs of the repair Fixed price
Dismantling and cleaning Complete
Paint and rust removal According to need
Assembly Complete (according to current technical or original status)
Check According to OEM standard
Paintwork Complete
Guaranteeon total component Like new part

Available components


Find and order replacement components easily
The portfolio of replacement components is constantly being expanded. Check right away to see if your required part is available.
Whether you need a replacement or a new part, you can order conveniently via the online shop.

A general overhaul at a fixed price is as simple as that:

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  Diesel engine Hydraulics
Return criteria:    
Component is in the replacement programme
Component is complete and assembled
The component must be protected against the penetration of water and dirt (openings closed / no holes).
Component does not exhibit any traces of fire
The old part must not be irreversibly damaged (no holes, not welded, cracked, deformed, burst, burned oder broken)
Motor must rotate (with hand crank, rotate twice in the normal direction of rotation and once in the opposite direction).  
Terms and conditions of delivery:    
Component must not contain any operation fluids
Component must be protected against dirt ingress
Component must be in the original packaging or mounted on transport stand  
✓ = this criterion/condition must be fulfilled for return/delivery