CCFA-CDA-DBA80/90 CCFA casing driver

The casing driver is fitted with two openings for discharging material. On one side, the openings are fitted with longitudinal cutters so cohesive soils can be better discharged. Two foldable mounting points for attaching double rotary drilling equipment.
Effective length 1,750 mm
Type Standard
Range of application Connecting adapter for double rotary drive DBA 80/90
Equipment Threaded ring G64 for casing diameter 448 mm; threaded ring G88 for casing diameter 750 mm.

CCFA-CDA Ø 620/540 DBA80/90 CCFA-CDA Ø 750/670 DBA80/90
Effective length [mm] 1,750 1,750
Casing outside diameter [mm] 620 750
Casing inside diameter [mm] 540 670
Weight [kg] 800 990
Cutting diameter [mm] 510 640
Article no. 13123295 13123296