Tilt unit – LiTiU

The Liebherr “LiTiU” tilt unit increases the functionality of the attachments massively by delivering an additional tilt angle. This makes tilt unit ideal for applications where the tilt angle delivers a significant extension to the working area. It increases flexibility and makes any wheeled and crawler excavator suitable for an even wider range of jobs. In addition to classic excavation work, hydraulic excavators fitted with this compact unit can complete the removal and modelling of earth walls or grading and ditch clearing work quickly and efficiently as there is no need to reposition the machine and change the attachment.

Tilt unit

The LiTiU tilt unit makes any attachment into a tilting unit without having to change the attachment. Hydraulic attachments can also be combined with the LiTiU tilt unit to produce an even larger tilt angle. Productivity can be significantly increased as the additional tilt angle enables the machine to reach areas with difficult access. Tilt unit