LiView Position Transducer for Hydraulic Cylinders

The position transducer for every challenge

  • Daisy chain Daisy chain

    You can connect several LiView position transducers in series, which reduces the cabling effort by up to 36%. In addition, only one connection is required on the machine side for several LiViews.

  • Integrated self-diagnosis Integrated self-diagnosis

    LiView’s condition monitoring function allows for autonomous fault detection and diagnosis, such as undervoltage or a defective probe. This reduces machine downtime in the field and increases efficiency.

  • Maintenance friendly Maintenance friendly

    Easy access: the external processing electronics as well as the probes are easily accessible. This facilitates fast and simple maintenance without draining oil or disassembling of the cylinder.

Technical data

LiView position transducer

Max. measurement range * 10 m
Measured quantities Absolute piston position / piston speed
Resolution 100 μm
Typical repeatability 250 μm
Max. pressure 420 bar
Digital output signal CANopen
Electrical connections M12
Dimensions (L/W/H) 158,6 / 123,4 / 42,5 mm
IP rating IP67 / IP68 / IP6K9K
* other cylinder lengths available on request
LiView position transducer dimensions

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Then you can request the LiView operating instructions here:

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