Data processing principles at Liebherr
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A. General


I. What does this Data Privacy Statement regulate?

We attach great value to protecting and securing your personal data. Therefore, it is also important that we notify you which of your personal data we use, the purpose of such use and what rights you have relating to your personal data.

II. What are personal data and what does processing mean?

1. “Personal data” (hereinafter also known as “data”) are all information about a private individual. However, personal data are not just information which enables a certain person to be identified directly (such as a person’s name or email address), but also information which, with the appropriate additional knowledge, enables a reference to be made to a certain person.

2. “Processing” means any action conducted with your personal data (such as the collection, registration, organisation, ordering, saving, usage or deletion of data).

B. Data processing


I. Who is responsible for processing my data?

The responsible body for processing your data is Liebherr-Werk Ehingen GmbH, Dr.-Hans-Liebherr-Strasse 1, 89584 Ehingen, contact:

II. What data do we collect and for what purposes?

1. Personal details
a. Private: Surname, forename, address, telephone number, country, email and clothing size
b. Business: Customer, crane serial number

We only process data for the following purposes:

1. Shipping free gifts

2. Information about offers, products and services from the Liebherr Group by mail, telephone and/or email or sending information for this purpose to other third party Liebherr partners

Data processing for other purposes is only considered if the legal requirements for it set out in Art. 6 paragraph 4 of the GDPR are satisfied. In this case, we will, of course, comply with any information duties set out in Art. 13 paragraph 3 of the GDPR and Art. 14 paragraph 4 of the GDPR.

III. On what legal basis do we collect your data?

The legal basis for processing your data, unless other specific legal regulations apply, is generally Art. 6 of the GDPR.

Your data are processed on the basis of the following legal basis:

Data processing on the basis of weighing up interests (Art. 6 paragraph 1 letter f) of the GDPR).

Our legitimate interests are as follows:

Customer loyalty

If we process your data on the basis of consent received from you, you are entitled to revoke your consent at any time with effect for the future.

We only process your data as far as is actually required to satisfy the above purposes.

IV. Which categories of your data do we transfer, to whom and for what purposes?

We may transfer your data to the following:

1. Other Liebherr group companies as long as this is required to initiate, manage or terminate your contract of employment or, for our part, we have a legitimate interest in sharing the data and there is no overriding contrasting legitimate interest on your part.

2. To our service providers, which we use to achieve the objectives set out above.

3. Courts, courts of arbitration, authorities or legal advisers if this is required to comply with current law or to lodge, exercise or defend legal claims.

V. Will my data be processed outside the European Union?

The transfer of data to bodies in countries outside the European Union (so-called third party countries) is only permitted, (1) if you have given us your consent or (2) if the European Commission has decided that the third party country has a reasonable level of protection (Art. 45 of the GDPR). If the Commission has not reached this decision, we may only transfer your data to third parties located in a third party country if we have suitable guarantees (for example standard data protection clauses which are accepted by the Commission or the supervisory authority on the basis of a specific procedure) and the enforcement of your data subject rights is ensured or the transfer is permitted in a specific case as a result of other permissions (Article 49 of the GDPR).

VI. When do we delete or anonymise your data?

We process your data for as long as necessary for the specific purpose unless you have effectively revoked your consent.

If we are subject to statutory archiving duties, for example under trading law or fiscal law, we will then have to see the relevant data for the duration of the archiving period. After the elapse of the archiving period, we will check whether there is any further necessity to process the data. If no such necessity exists, your data will be deleted.

VII. To what extent does automated decision-making take place in a specific case?

We generally do not use any fully automated decision-making under Article 22 of the GDPR to start and manage our business relationships.

C. How is my personal data protected against access by unauthorised parties and loss?


We take technical and organisational security measures to ensure that your data are protected from loss, incorrect changes or unauthorised access by third parties. In any event, only authorised personnel in our company have access to your data and can only access the data if they are required to do so for the purposes set out above. All data are sent in encrypted form.

D. Rights of affected parties and right of appeal


The framework of the law gives you the right to

1. Information about your data.

2. Correction of incorrect data and completion of incomplete data.

3. Deletion of your data, particularly if (1) they are no longer required for the purposes set out in this privacy policy, (2) you revoke your consent and there is no other legal basis for processing the data, (3) your data have been processed illegally, or (4) you have objected to the data being processed and there are no priority reasons for said data processing.

4. Restricting the processing of your data, particularly if you dispute that the data are correct or the processing of your data is illegal and you demand a restriction of their use rather than their deletion.

5. The right to receive your data in a structured, conventional and machine-readable format and to ensure that your data are sent by us direct to another responsible party.

Please note that the legality of the data processing on the basis of your consent until further notice will be unaffected by any revocation on your part.

If you fail to claim the rights set out above in writing, we hope that you will understand that we may request evidence from you to show that you are the person that you are claiming to be.

Furthermore, you have a right to complain to the relevant supervisory authority.

E. Who is my contact in matters of data privacy and how can I contact them?


If you have any questions regarding data privacy please contact:

Liebherr-IT Services GmbH
St. Vitus 1
88457 Kirchdorf an der Iller

Version: December 2020